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  1. Most dark websites are not directly accessible via a normal search made through a search engine; they effectively hide themselves. They are accessible only if the addresses of those sites are known to the user. Some methods which hide websites from normal searches are: Private Web which requires registration Contextual Web varies as per IP Limited access content where access is limited to certain licensed contents Scripted content which is accessible only through links generated by JavaScript or dynamically downloaded from Web servers Non-HTML/text content Software where data are intentionally hidden from the regular Internet and made accessible only with special software, such as Tor, I2P, or other darknet software Web archives which are archived versions of Web pages, including websites which have become inaccessible, and are not indexed by search engines such as Google The industries which operate over the dark Web are known as darknet markets; this includes black market sales of illegal products, to stay hidden from governments and law enforcement agencies. The dark Web is also used in other ways, like communication between whistleblowers and protecting users from attacks or surveillance to ensure privacy in communication. But the dark Web is mostly used in black markets as it promises total anonymity. [Hidden Content]
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm new here! Im going to explain to you guys how to get Custom Wood premium cases from Carved.com for FREE! 1. Email Carved at info@carved.com 2. In your email, specifically explain that your case edges have become unglued and detached. Make sure you mention that it is a Satellite Case. Explain you have spent a lot of money on this case and would like compensation. This is probably the easiest methods and works with the Satellite Cases. 3. They will ask for pictures so find some pictures online, Photoshop some, or even just corrupt the images and blame it on their end. 4. Eventually with good SEing skills, you should be able to crack them. They are a small company needing all the support with reviews they can get.
  3. @incizzleWins The CSGO Giveaway! You should contact me within 24hrs to recieve ur prize! Stay Tuned For More Giveaways!
  4. FAP AND EARN!!!!!!!!!!! [Hidden Content]
  5. First, choose a power bank you want from this company Then visit this website: [Hidden Content] And create a fake receipt using the scryptec receipt generator Tell them the power bank isn't charging properly and when you plug it into your phone it makes your phone bug out. After an email or two, they should ask for your address for a replacement. And then you have a free Powerbank to charge your phone when out and about
  6. 1. Register the product at [Hidden Content] (Sign up for a new account if you already don't have one). 2. Its critical that you put the date of purchase within the last 30 days. This does not matter when because it should have atleast a one year warranty from the time you put that you "purchased" the product. 3. Call Razer, (Live chatting is not in preference, as to calling you can be much more convincing) and explain that your wire got broken. Honestly, make up any story. I used the story of which that I went away for a week on vacation and came back to the cord being cut. Explain that it was probably chewed by a mouse and that you BOUGHT FROM AMAZON. 4. They will transfer you to their warranty team and be placed under review. They will most likely ask you for Amazon receipt and picture. You can easily find a picture online and or use the corrupt method (corrupting image file repeatably and saying the problem is on their end). 5. In the end, you will most likely end up with a new mouse or product that you choose!
  7. Eh! idk i will just drop it here [Hidden Content]
  8. Use These Settings [Hidden Content]
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