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Found 7 results

  1. New Features: Version 2.0: - New Design/Form made from Scratch! Google's Material Design! - Fully Responsive and Resizable Debug Form! - HUGE Performance improvements. - New Encryption key for Config Encryption, Note that you can still load old encrypted configs! - Fixed Memory Leak. - Added Database File to View Unknown List Debug Logs to prevent High Memory usage and possible crash on huge Unknown items. - Added Optimized and Smart CloudFlare 5 Seconds Challenge page Solver! Add "CFPassDelay = 5000" to the Stages that need to pass the CloudFlare (Recommended to use it in all Stages if the Host has CloudFlare Enabled)! "MaxCFRetries = xx" General config key to limit retries, Return banned when limit reached. - Added Debug Threads option, Add "Debug = True" in "General" section of Config, Remove it before Releasing Configs as it really increase Memory Usage. - Added Syntax Highlighting for Debugs, Including HTML and STORM Codes. - Hits/Free Items will get Saved Immediately now. - Amount of threads can now be decreased without STORM pausing. - The HTTP Header field orders will be kept and will send as you provided in config, Also Set "*" for "Content-Length" header value to have it's real value wherever you want. - Handle "IndexOf" function possible Exceptions, returns "-1" on Exceptions/Errors! - Handle "Substring" function possible Exceptions, returns the Input string/text without any changes on Exceptions/Errors! the worker will not get stopped anymore. - "!=" (Not Equal) function now can also compare strings/texts - "UnixTimeToDate" on Empty or wrong Unixtime format will return nothing (No more Errors/Exceptions) [Hidden Content]
  2. NET GHOST Grabbing Proxies Changing Proxies FEATURES Grab over 30,000 fresh proxies. All proxy sources are updated multiple times every day. Export proxylist in IP:Port format. Scrape from nearly ANY proxy site (even HMA). Built-in Proxy Checker. Auto updater - new sources are added every week! DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content] Password: arcanecfg Virus Scan: [Hidden Content]
  3. CHECKERS BY M1ST [Hidden Content]
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